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Girls play Yoga to keep healthy and slim. Elsa also likes playing Yoga in spare time. However, she is too busy with her work to clean the yoga room. Help Elsa put the rubbish into [...]
How funny the talking bird Pierre is! It can make many funny things other than talking. What will happen between it and Talking Tom? Play the game Talking Bird Funny Time now to se [...]
Do you know the princess Jasmine? Let's play the puzzle game about her. Find differences between the two looks identical pictures. You just have 5 chances to make mistakes. Complet [...]
Exciting adventures, what things is able to find a child genius and his robot? FIND IT OUT! ALREADY!Emocionates aventuras, que cosas es capaz de encontrar un nino genio y su robot? [...]
A traffic accident happened at Bikini beach. SpongeBob and Sandy suffered a serious injury! They need your help! Do first aid for them and save their lives. Now it's your turn! Hav [...]
Unfortunately, our princess Elsa got into a small accident and suffered a heavy injured. As a doctor, you need to do some treatment for her. Follow the steps to cure her. Can you c [...]
Do you love beauty? Everyone has the right to pursue beauty. Cosmetic surgery is very popular nowadays. There are two ordinary sisters also want to do Cosmetic surgery. As a doctor [...]
Baby Lisi love animals very much. She loves the Panda especially. The panda was borned in the zoo. Baby Lisi spends time with the newborn panda happily. What things do they play to [...]
Try to become a professional train keeper! How to do it? Clean the train and keep it clean. Include the interior and the exterior. When you finish it, you also need to fix it. Can [...]
Rainbow room of Cerise Hood looks very awkward as it has not been cleaned for several weeks.Let's help her clean the room! Collect the waste items and place them in the garbage. Pl [...]
What type of boys do you like? Attractive or lovely? Our princess also meet this questions. Help them choose the boy they like to date. Choose the most beautiful and fashion dress [...]
Do you want to design your school uniform? Now you have a chance to do it. Find the objects you need for the sewing and measuring, Then use the sewing machine for machining. Finall [...]
Do you know the film about Miguel Rivera? He is a little boy who dreams of becoming an accomplished musician. Finally, he realized his dream! Today he is invited to attend a concer [...]
Do you like do housework? It's very hard to keep the whole place clean. Especially the kinder garden. Now let's begin the hard work! Collect the waste items and place them in the g [...]
Exciting adventures, what things is able to find a child genius and his robot? FIND IT OUT! ALREADY!Emocionates aventuras, que cosas es capaz de encontrar un niño genio y su robot? [...]
Elsa likes driving and has many kind of luxury cars. Unluckily, she has a car accident today. Her car need repairing. Help Elsa repair her car first. Then decorate the car for her [...]
Moana opens a bridal salon store, her job is choose dresses, shoes and other decorations for princesses, your aim is help them to become the most beautiful brides of the world. Enj [...]
Elsa and Ladybug are pregnant. They also want a fashion adventure! Can you help them? Collect some new clothes and throw out the dirty dress. Finally, Pick the fashion and nice one [...]
Do you like Pony? She wants to have a cute outlook. Can you realize her dream? Choose one Pony you like. Then make hair salon firstly for her. There are many kinds of cute outfits [...]
Today is a magical day! Baby Hazel explores an amazing world of Snow White. There are many unexpected things waiting for her. The wicked queen, a magic mirror, the poisoned apple a [...]
Poopy and Branch are a couple of lovers as trolls. There are some questions about trolls. How much they love depends on your answers. Join in the game Trolls Love Test to test the [...]
Our princess Elsa will go to a royal ball tonight! Help her design an elegant and fashion dress. You can choose your favorite part of the dress and confirm a perfect one. What are [...]
There is an easy way to learn multiplication tables for kids. Let's play the game! Answer all 55 math questions to unlock the dress up mode. It's very fun, isn't it? You will get t [...]
Moana and Maui fell in love with each other finally. Now, Moana will be born soon! Let's help her do the preparations. Call 911 and take care of her. After the babies born, you can [...]
Many people go out by airplane. The airplane must be clean and safe. The aireplane is dirty now. Can you clean up it as soon as possible. You need to clean the inside and outside t [...]
Babies must have a baby stroller when they are younger. Waht kind of baby stroller do you like? Join in the game Create Your Baby Stroller to design a baby stroller you like. You c [...]
Candy cake is delicious. What kind of candy cake do you like? Join in the game Candy Cake Decoration to design a candy cake for yourself. Players who like decoration don't miss the [...]
Do you know the clothes made of balloons? Princess Elsa and Anna are fashionistas. They want to try the new fashion. Try balloon style and share their photos on Facebook. They will [...]
New Yrear is coming. People always clean their rooms to welcome the new year. So do ourprincess Snow White and Cinderella. Their room is in a mess. They have mant things to clean. [...]
You must know that the hair is one of the most important for a girl. Now let's help the fashion girl design some fashion hairstyles. Firstly, you should clean her hair. After it, y [...]
After a big party, Elsa's bedroom is in bad condition. Elsa doesn't want to do the cleaning work alone, Let's help her! Collect the waste items and place them in the garbage. Place [...]
Do you know the pig Peppa? Let's draw some beautiful color for him! Choose your favorite color to draw and create a unique pig! Have fun in Peppa Pig Coloring! Mouse to play.
Christmas day is coming! Let's decorate the Christmas tree! Choose the best Christmas lights, garland and ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree. Have a good time in Christmas Tree [...]
Christmas is little Daisy's favourite holiday. She is going to go shopping for Christmas accessories and decorate the Christmas tree by herself. However, she is in deep sleep now. [...]
Let's play the painting game! Draw some beautiful color for these 2 cute bees! Choose your favorite color to draw and create a unique bee! Have fun in Maja The Bee Coloring! Mouse [...]
Do you like colorful cotton candy? Lrt's get into this delicious adventure and try to be a professional cotton candy maker. Find the sugar colors you need, then use the special mac [...]
Today is Christmas celebration. Santa's bedroom is in bad condition. Let's help him clean the room! Collect the waste items and place them in the garbage. Place things in their rig [...]
Christmas is the favourite festival of frozen sisters. Princesses Anna and Elsa decided to hold a Christmas Glittery Ball. They prepared some glittery dress for the ball. Help the [...]
Three emergency vehicles including ambulance, police motor and fire fighting truck need washing at the car wash. The emergency vehicles are used in emergency situation to safeguard [...]
Do you know Miguel? Now Miguel is popular all over the world. He finally realized his dream and became a musician. Now he decides to open a musical instrument shop, help him decora [...]