Category: Action

Dodge traffic, overtake vehicles closely and ride your motorbike as fast as you can in this thrilling racing game!
It's helloween madness. Try to escape from all the zombies for as much time as you can.
Control the Sand Worm, attack the humans and gain points
Use the mouse to control the aim and reload of ammunition.
A soldier needs to stay alive during the flight to reach enemy territory and complete his mission.
Zombie Crisis is here, and ready to make some crisis and panics to your town! Find a safe place for yourself when zombie crisis attack your town. Those undead creatures are everywh [...]
Ready to clean up another wasteland full of zombies? Sounds easy, but your ammo is limited.Time to use bank shots for undead disposal! Knock blocks, cut chains, trigger explosions. [...]
A top-down shooter in which you play as a soldier shooting giant mutant spiders. How long can you survive?
Stick Running challenges players to run as far as possible through a randomly generated side-scrolling level filled with deadly obstacles.Obstacles range from single crates with di [...]
In this scary halloween version of Super Stacker you must stack the scary shapes ontop of each other.
Help Flammy to escape the volcano.If more gems you collect, more power you will have to overcome random obstacles.Get the best score will be a challenge , the difficulty will incre [...]
Try your martial arts skills in this addictive game!
Try your martial arts skills in this addictive game!
As a Spearman Hunter you must save your tribe and defeat your enemies. Eliminate enemies as much as possible. For 1 or 2 players
Dig through the ground as a big monster worm. Grow by eating enemies, collect power ups and defeat the always growing number of enemy troops.
Barbie had a bad morning, she scared her photographers with her face! Help her prepare for photo shoot!
Prepare for a real battle with BattleTank.Use diamonds to buy power-ups to destroy the enemie.There are many power-ups to choose from. (Shield, Missil, 3 Bullets, 2 Cannons, Defens [...]
Bullet Hell Adventure 2 is back: Defeat waves of enemies over many levels and islands to rescue your lover. Collect coins to upgrade weapons and abilities.
It's sleepover time with your favorite bffs! The girls gathered for a fun night together and they are getting ready to take a selfie. Capturing the perfect picture is very importan [...]
hunting pigeons,the controls are the mouse.
Jump into space with your spaceship and get money to buy more spaceships and avoid the dangers of entering in the space as asteroids and turrets that will do everything possible to [...]
Zombie Buster – it’s a very cool game, to destroy zombies, and you have a bazooka with super bombs. Save the whole world by clearing the planet from zombie invasion. This game has [...]
Battle against other archers in the sky.
Stupid shooter duck is a fun game that reminds us of the fair booths. Test your aim and manages to shoot down the greatest number of possible ducks. Will you be the new Billy the k [...]
Air Hockey is a HTML5 Construct 2 Endless Sport Game. Choose the game difficulty, play against the CPU, and remember: the first one to score 15 points wins!
- Help Monsters meet another has different color - Do not shoot monster to the box with monster has the same color inside- Increase/Decrease Power of the “Cannon Gun” then Shoot Mo [...]
Touch-friendly game where you need to avoid traps and collect coins to buy new balls.
- Help bird to the NEST- Destroy all PIG by make it collision with Ground, Saw Obstacle, out side layout- Tap the BIRD/PIG to transform them- Tap the Green Block/Stick to remove it [...]
Move the mouse cursor to aim and start to click for firing at the enemy. Collect coins and upgrade turrets
Guide aircrafts to their landing zones, keep the skies safe to complete the levels to get high score!
FoxFury is a 30 level fast-paced puzzle game.Your goal is to eat all the oblivious but delicious chickens so you can find your way out through the door.However beware of the traps [...]
collect all diamonds
The hot summer vacation is here and pretty Lisa is so excited about it! Her mom gave her the permission to dye her hair as she wants and she came up with this amazing idea of going [...]
Moorhuhn 360 is a unique game that brings you an immersive bird shooting experience. Use your phone to shoot down the birds in any direction! Shoot down those Moorhuhn birds in thi [...]
Destroy the Enemies with your bow before they kill You.Destroy enemies and stay alive!!Drag and drop your finger for attack. Earn starts making headshots and but new upgrades for y [...]
Discard the curse by collecting all the gadgets you find along the way.
Crie animais, produza alimentos e torne-se um prospero fazendeiro.Comece com uma pequena fazenda criando galinhas alimentando elas com recão para que ela produza ovos.Venda os ovos [...]
free yourself from the curse by collecting all the beads you find
With awesome graphics and addictive game play Knights has 9 Levels. You have to collect diamond and get to the door to clear the levels.
With awesome graphics and addictive game play Knights Diamond has 9 Levels. You have to collect diamond and get to the door to clear the levels.